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Cat8.1 U/FTP Slim Network Patch Cable, 14 ft., White, 10-Pack

Cat8.1 U/FTP Slim Network Patch Cable, 14 ft., White, 10-Pack

40G, 2 GHz, 100% Copper, 30 AWG, RJ45, Stranded, Snag-free, Gold-plated Contacts

SKU: 744928 IEC-C8-WT-14-SLIM-10P

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  • Cat8.1 Class I with 40G / 25G and 2000 MHz in accordance with ISO/IEC 11801 and EN 50173-1
  • Pure bare copper wire for maximum conductivity
  • U/FTP with aluminum foil shielding around each pair
NDAA Compliant
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Cat 8 Ethernet Cable, 10 pcs - 40G, 2000 MHz LAN patch cord, ultra-thin - future-proof high-end connections in data centers and more

Establish your high-performance network connections, especially for Top of Rack (ToR) and Middle of Row (MoR) installations in data centers, with this Cat8.1 U/FTP Network Patch Cable from Intellinet Network Solutions. Our Cat8 Ethernet cable speeds can reach as high as 40 Gbps, with frequencies supported up to 2 GHz. It's a clear winner in achieving future-proof network connections.

Strong, yet slim, space-saving design

This stranded-copper Cat8 cable offers all the benefits of a standard Cat8.1 network cable but with a diameter that's considerably smaller. In dense cable installations, the cable creates a tidier and more-organized look, and its thinner size helps promote better air circulation to equipment in a network cabinet. The cable's reduced size also means it is more flexible, which makes it a perfect choice for installation around corners and in tight-space cable runs.

Aluminum foil shielding for good signal quality and low noise

This Cat8 patch cable is ideal for ultra-high performance network applications up to 25GBase-T and 40GBase-T with PoE applications up to IEEE802.3bt / PoE++ / 4PPoE / Ultra PoE. Its U/FTP design has the inner cable wrapped in an overall aluminum braid. The result is great data transfer because it helps prevent interference such as near-end crosstalk (NEXT) if cables run parallel to each other.

Pure copper cable with gold-plated contacts for perfect conductivity

As opposed to other cables that are manufactured with copper-clad aluminum (CCA) or even copper-clad steel (CCS), this Cat 8 Ethernet cable contains 100% pure bare copper for perfect conductivity. Gold plating on the contacts makes them corrosion-resistant in every environment. Such quality construction makes our Cat8 patch cable compliant with the highest data-cable requirements.

Snag-free Boot Design

The snag-free boot design makes all patch cables from Intellinet Network Solutions the perfect choice for high-density environments, like data centers or server rooms. The cable plugs are equipped with strain relief and a molded boot for protection that makes it easy to safely connect and disconnect the latch without breaking it.

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