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For a rebust network that scales with you

Intellinet Data and PoE Switches

Managed and Unmanaged Switches, with or without PoE
  For the very best connections

High-Quality Snag-less Network Cables

Cat5, Cat6 and Cat6a, unshielded and shielded

Intellinet SFP transceiver Modules

SFP Transceiver Modules

Fiber connectivity for your Intellinet network switches. Compatible with Cisco + MSA for the best interoperability with your existing equipment.

Designed for maximized distance and reliability

Fiber Optic Cables

OM1 - OM4 and OS2 cables with SC, ST and LC Connectors

New Networking Products by Intellinet Technical Support Installer Catalog - Switches, Media Converters, Network Cables, Racks and Cabinets and more!

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