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3 m LC to LC UPC Fiber Optic Patch Cable, 3.0 mm, Duplex, LSZH, OS2 Singlemode, Yellow

3 m LC to LC UPC Fiber Optic Patch Cable, 3.0 mm, Duplex, LSZH, OS2 Singlemode, Yellow

9/125 µm, 10 ft.

SKU: 471893


  • Enhanced Connectivity: Equipped with UPC (Ultra Physical Contact) fiber connectors, this cable ensures a superior surface finish, resulting in improved return loss and optimized signal transmission.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Designed for single-mode fiber applications, this cable seamlessly integrates into various networking setups, providing flexibility and ease of use.
  • Extended Reach: With high bandwidth capabilities, this cable supports long-distance transmissions, making it an ideal choice for networks spanning vast areas.
  • Superior Performance: Experience minimal signal loss and achieve high data rates with this cable, ensuring smooth and reliable data transfer for your critical operations.
  • Future-Proof Networking: Perfect for 10G Ethernet applications and beyond, this cable guarantees compatibility with evolving technology standards, safeguarding your investment in the long run. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind.

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NDAA Compliant
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Information carried in the form of light provides a vast array of features and benefits

Superior Transmission Distance

It is not unusual for optical systems to go over 100 kilometers (km), or about 62 miles.

Enhanced Security

It is impossible to remotely detect a signal being transmitted within a fiber cable. The only way to do so is by actually accessing the optical fiber itself. This makes fiber extremely attractive to governmental bodies, banks and other businesses with major security concerns.

No Metallic Components

Fiber optic cable can be installed in areas with electromagnetic interference (EMI). This includes areas around utility lines, power-carrying lines and railroad tracks. Fiber is also ideal for areas of high lightning-strike incidence.


  • UPC (Ultra Physical Contact) fiber connectors for a better surface finish and improved return loss
  • Compatible with single-mode fiber applications
  • High bandwidth supporting long distances
  • Low signal loss and high data rate
  • Perfect for use in 10G Ethernet applications and beyond
  • Lifetime Warranty
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