Intellinet Network Solutions Partners with Domotz to Provide Cloud Network Management

Partnership brings cloud access and remote network monitoring and management to Intellinet Network Solution ecosystem

TAMPA, Fla., May 1, 2020 – Today, Intellinet Network Solutions™, a global provider of active and passive network equipment, announced a new partnership with Domotz, the premier platform for remote network monitoring and management (RMM), and will join the ranks of their trusted integration partners. Intellinet Network Solutions managed-switch customers will be able to employ the full suite of cloud network management tools available from Domotz.


“We are excited to welcome Intellinet Network Solutions as an integration partner,” said J.B. Fowler, CPO of Domotz. “Their trusted switches and global customer base will help us reach more IT professionals who want the best in effective and efficient network management.”


“We are very pleased with the new partnership,” said Nigel Knapp, VP of Product Management at IC Intracom, parent company of Intellinet Network Solutions. “Our managed switches have always provided reliable, cost-saving hardware for robust networks. Cloud network management from the leading network RMM provider will help our customers see the whole picture of the networks they manage in real time from anywhere.”


Significant benefits of the new partnership that Knapp pointed to include:

  • Complete cloud management of networks
  • VPN on Demand, for troubleshooting and remote network monitoring 
  • Secure remote connection via app or web
  • Customizable alerts for email and mobile devices
  • Ability to change device configurations and system programming
  • Remote troubleshooting to resolve problems
  • Power cycle devices and initiate reboots
  • Complete maintenance and perform upgrades; and much more.


According to Knapp, the Domotz Pro Box will be available for purchase through the brand's website and sales reps. He also said all managed switches are eligible to receive a firmware upgrade to become compatible with the RMM platform. Tiered pricing on monthly service plans will be available for residential and commercial installers from Domotz.


About Domotz

Domotz is the premier Remote Network Monitoring and Management platform for IoT, offering powerful network management software for MSP's, Integrators, Security Professionals, and Business Owners. Our award-winning platform has integrated features such as remote device access, SNMP monitoring, network diagnostics, remote power management, device alerts, team collaboration, network mapping, and multiple VLANs and subnet monitoring.

About Intellinet Network Solutions

Intellinet Network Solutions provides reliable networking products that offer enhanced features, simplicity, quality and performance at reasonable prices. Our lineup supports solutions that are easy to install and maintain across the array of SMB environments. We stand by our products with industry-leading warranties to provide outstanding overall value. Our products primarily support the following verticals: security, AV, electrical, datacom, telephony.