Installation Equipment and Hardware

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  1. fastpunch-keystone-jack-punchdown-tool-image-1
    FastPunch Keystone Jack Punchdown Tool For Easy Terminations With Intellinet FastPunch Keystone Jacks and Compatible Keystone Jacks Model Number: 772402 [IKJ-TOOL]
  2. 790352 (Thumbnail)
    FastCrimp Modular Plug Crimping Tool For Intellinet Network Solutions FastCrimp RJ45 Modular Plugs and Compatible Plugs Model Number: 790352 [IMP-FT-TOOL]
  3. 780124 (small)
    Universal Modular Plug Crimping Tool and Cable Tester 2-in-1 Crimper and Cable Tester - Cuts, Strips, Terminates and Tests Model Number: 780124 [ICT-MF5C]
  4. 780131 (small)
    PoE+ Tester Power over Ethernet Plus Test Tool; Detects Endspan, Midspan, IEEE802.3af- and IEEE802.3at Model Number: 780131
  5. 780094 (small)
    5-in-1 Cable Tester Tests 5 Commonly Used Network and Computer Cables Model Number: 780094 [ICT-MF4]
  6. 780070 (small)
    4-Piece Network Tool Kit 4 Tool Network Kit Composed of LAN Tester, LSA punch down tool, Crimping Tool and Cutter/Stripper Tool Model Number: 780070
  7. 211055 (small)
    Terminal Block Impact Tool For 110/88 Terminal Blocks Model Number: 211055
  8. 211048 (small)
    Universal Modular Plug Crimping Tool For RJ45, RJ12 and RJ11 Modular Plugs Model Number: 211048
  9. 211062 (small)
    Modular Plug Crimp Tool For RJ45 Plugs, Strips and Cuts Model Number: 211062
  10. 351911 (small)
    4-in-1 Cable Tester RJ11, RJ45, USB and BNC Model Number: 351911 [ICT-MF2]
  11. 351898 (small)
    Multifunction Cable Tester RJ45/RJ11 Model Number: 351898 [ICT-MF1]
  12. 515566 (small)
    Net Toner and Probe Kit Tone Generator Model Number: 515566 [ICT-TG1]
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